This is a collection of easy to use techniques designed to reduce your stress levels and boost your wellbeing.


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Love your Heart

Your heart can have a really hard time as you are rushing through life ticking off jobs on the never ending to do list. Do you ever find it pumping in your chest in response to a stressful situation? Luckily, your heart is pretty resilient and can beat like this without causing any problems. But, […]

Is stress ruining your relationship?

If you are experiencing stress, your relationship may be suffering because * You snap at your partner for no reason * You have stopped enjoying your quality time together because your thoughts are elsewhere * You see the negative side of everything * You are so busy you don’t feel you have time to spend […]

How to RELAX your way to weight loss

Relaxing to lose weight must be too good to be true, right?   Wrong!   And it’s so cheap and easy you can get started straight away!   There are two key ways we can use the fast and simple ‘QuickCalm’ relaxation techniques to help us lose weight.   1)      Relax through a craving.   […]