7 reasons to download the FREE QuickCalm MP3

This FREE relaxation MP3 is available here.

This MP3 is 5 minutes long and is designed to fit into a busy life. Pop it onto your phone or ipod so that you have it with you whenever you get the opportunity to have a few moments to use it.

Perhaps you could listen to it while you are waiting for the bus or on the bus home from work. You could use it on your lunch break to re-energise for the afternoons work. You could use it when you get into bed to help you to relax and drift off to sleep. Whenever you choose to fit the five minutes into your day, you will feel the benefit.


The benefits of using this MP3 include: 

  • Reducing muscle tension, particularly in your shoulders and neck – We tend to hold on to stress and tension in our muscles so just using this quick exercise once or twice a day, means you can release the tension. You muscles will thank you.


  • Reducing headaches  – The tension we hold on to is often the culprit for the headaches some of us suffer daily. Using this MP3 is much more effective than taking painkillers.


  • Strengthening the mind body connection – It’s easy to forget that our minds and bodies need to work together to keep us healthy and happy. We tend to be busy all day and perhaps notice the emotional stress we are under much more than we notice the physical stress. This MP3 will help you to connect the mind and body and look after yourself better.


  • Allowing you some ‘me time’ – We all deserve some ‘me time’ no matter how long or short that period of time might be. During the working week we don’t tend to have much opportunity for ‘me time’ but that’s when it’s even more important. Everyone can find five minutes in their day  to use this MP3 and create a bit of mental space.


  • Putting your health and wellbeing as a priority – We only get one body to live in so it’s vital we look after it. If we are struggling with stress and/or anxiety it tends to have huge implications in other areas of our lives. Prioritising our health and wellbeing every day therefore has positive implications throughout our lives.


  • Sending positive, relaxed messages to our brains – Relaxing the body with this MP3 will send relaxed messages to the brain which will in turn allow the mind to relax. We often live in a state of ‘high alert’ due to all of the stress we are under and all the things going on around us all of the time. Using this MP3 helps to turn off the ‘high alert’ and allows us to relax.


  • Starting the journey to a more stress free life – Using this MP3 is a great place to start your QuickCalm journey. Build a library of various MP3s that target your needs to use whenever you need them or want to take a few moments to relax. Perhaps you want to take a mental holiday for five minutes or perhaps you need to use a breathing technique to help you feel calmer during the working day. Browse the MP3s available here, each cost just £1.


Download the FREE MP3 here and enjoy all of the benefits listed above.

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