Love your Heart

Your heart can have a really hard time as you are rushing through life ticking off jobs on the never ending to do list.

Do you ever find it pumping in your chest in response to a stressful situation?

Luckily, your heart is pretty resilient and can beat like this without causing any problems.

But, over time, prolonged stress can lead to

High blood pressure

Irregular rhythms

Damage to arteries

Weakened immune system.

Supporting your heart health is just one of the benefits of including more relaxation into your life.


One of my female clients has made an effort to incorporate the breathing CALM technique into her day and

Is stress ruining your relationship?

If you are experiencing stress, your relationship may be suffering because

* You snap at your partner for no reason * You have stopped enjoying your quality time together because your thoughts are elsewhere * You see the negative side of everything * You are so busy you don’t feel you have time to spend with your partner * You have stopped talking to each other

If any of this sounds familiar, you need to look at tackling your stress so you can be healthier and happier in yourself and get back to enjoying your relationship.

‘QuickCalm’ can help you to

* Learn to switch off from stressful

How to RELAX your way to weight loss

Relaxing to lose weight must be too good to be true, right?




And it’s so cheap and easy you can get started straight away!


There are two key ways we can use the fast and simple ‘QuickCalm’ relaxation techniques to help us lose weight.


1)      Relax through a craving.


Staying strong when your thoughts turn to unhealthy foods can make all the difference in reaching your goal weight and maintain a healthy diet. Most of us experience cravings at least once a day so learning to deal with them effectively is an important skill to have.  4.12pm is thought to be the peak time

7 reasons to download the FREE QuickCalm MP3

This FREE relaxation MP3 is available here.

This MP3 is 5 minutes long and is designed to fit into a busy life. Pop it onto your phone or ipod so that you have it with you whenever you get the opportunity to have a few moments to use it.

Perhaps you could listen to it while you are waiting for the bus or on the bus home from work. You could use it on your lunch break to re-energise for the afternoons work. You could use it when you get into bed to help you to relax and drift off to sleep. Whenever you

How to use QuickCalm

This system is designed to fit into busy lives so is flexible and adaptable according to your needs and circumstances. Only you will know what the best way to use this is for you. I will outline here some of the most popular and useful ways of using the techniques reported to me by those already using this system and my own experience of the techniques and coaching others.


First thing in the morning

Starting the day in a positive way is likely to have positive knock on effects for the rest of your day. So, listen to one of the

Book Launch

The new book ‘QuickCalm; Bringing moments of calm to busy lives’ is now available in paperback.

This is an easy to read, easy to digest book which makes it easy to incorporate stress reduction into a busy day. Each technique outlined in the book is designed to take five minutes or less so there is a sensible approach as to what is achievable on an average busy day. However the emphasis is on how to make the most of the five minutes you can find.

Who knew five minutes could be so precious and put to such good use!

The book is divided into chapters which cover techniques

Welcome to the QuickCalm revolution!

QuickCalm is launched for National Stress Awareness Day 2013 and you are one of the first people to discover this new way of relaxing which will revolutionise the way we mange stress in our busy world. So take a look around this website and see how it could work for you.

Do you ever find yourself thinking :

I know I should relax more but I don’t have time Stress is causing me problems but I don’t have time to stop I wish I could just have a couple of minutes to collect my thoughts

I frequently talk to people who know