When should I use QuickCalm?
You can use QuickCalm anytime you have five minutes to dedicate to using one of the techniques. Popular times are when you first get up in the morning, just before going to bed at night, on the way home from work or just after a meeting or other stressful event. Everyone is different so go with what feels right for you.

How often should I use QuickCalm?
Once a day is a good way to start and the regularity helps you to remember to use the techniques. As you get used to the techniques and start to understand how they help you, you might decide to do the techniques at other points during the day. Building up your personal library of audios means that the techniques are always there for you whenever you decide that listening to one would be helpful. There are no hard and fast rules with QuickCalm, find what works best for you.

Why can’t I stop thinking when I am using the techniques?
It is normal for your mind to continue working when you are listening to the audios. Some days it might be harder to quieten your mind than others. Try to accept that your mind is busy and gently bring your thoughts back to the technique. You may find that it becomes easier with time and practise.

Do I need to lie down to use the techniques?
No, you can do the exercises anywhere, whether you are stood up, sat down or lying down. If you have chance to use QuickCalm in an appropriate place to lie down it may help you to relax easier.

When I focus on my breathing, I panic. What should I do?
Some people find that when they think about their breathing, they have a sensation that they can’t get enough air into their lungs. Don’t worry, it is simply due to the fact that you are not used to thinking about your breathing in this way. Try just noticing your breath without trying to change it in any way. Gradually, you will become more accustomed to sitting with your breathing and it will feel more comfortable.

Can I use QuickCalm when I am driving?
No, the QuickCalm audios should not be used when driving as their aim is to help you take your attention away from the stresses of the world and inside yourself. Obviously when you are driving the aim is to have your attention on the road.