How to use QuickCalm

This system is designed to fit into busy lives so is flexible and adaptable according to your needs and circumstances. Only you will know what the best way to use this is for you. I will outline here some of the most popular and useful ways of using the techniques reported to me by those already using this system and my own experience of the techniques and coaching others.


First thing in the morning

Starting the day in a positive way is likely to have positive knock on effects for the rest of your day. So, listen to one of the audios first thing in the morning, either before you get out of bed or before you leave for work. A great technique for this time of day is ‘The Staircase’. It will give you energy and a positive attitude for the day.



In the evening

Many people find that listening to an audio just before they go to bed helps them get to sleep easier and sleep more soundly. You are telling your brain that it is time to relax and settle down for the night. This does not necessarily men it has to be directly before you go to bed, try altering the time in the evening that you listen to it and see what feels best for you. A particularly good technique in the evening is ‘The Beach’ as it takes you away from the stresses of the day to focus only on relaxation.



After work

Drawing a boundary between your work day and your personal life can be a very effective way of managing stress and enjoying your time outside of work. Try listening to an audio on your bus ride home, or have five minutes in the car before you set off to release the stress of the day. A great audio to use in this situation is ‘Balloons’ to take any negative thoughts and events away from your mind.



When you recognise your stress during the day

Sometimes you can feel yourself getting wound up or overloaded as the day goes on. Next time this happens, stop and have a couple of minutes to gather yourself. Although you may feel you don’t have time, gaining clarity in your mind means you will be twice as productive when you get back to the tasks. My favourite exercise for this type of situation is ‘Breathe CALM’ as it has the ability to reduce stress levels in just a few breaths.



Create your own library

Creating a collection of the downloads on your phone or MP3 player means that you always have them to hand whenever you feel you need them or you find yourself with a spare five minutes. Having a variety of techniques at your fingertips means there will be one for every occasion and you can start to discover which ones work best for you. Get started and have fun with it.

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