Love your Heart

Your heart can have a really hard time as you are rushing through life ticking off jobs on the never ending to do list.

Do you ever find it pumping in your chest in response to a stressful situation?

Luckily, your heart is pretty resilient and can beat like this without causing any problems.

But, over time, prolonged stress can lead to

High blood pressure

Irregular rhythms

Damage to arteries

Weakened immune system.

Supporting your heart health is just one of the benefits of including more relaxation into your life.


One of my female clients has made an effort to incorporate the breathing CALM technique into her day and her anxiety score has reduced by a third in just one week! She uses it at least once a day, but whenever she needs it, and as it only takes a few minutes its so easy to do. It has brought improvements to her thoughts, her emotional health and the health of her body!

Want to try it? Click here.

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