I am really loving using QuickCalm, I am making a conscious effort to take a few minutes to listen to the tracks and focus on relaxing, especially before and after work. I have downloaded them onto my ipod and it's great because I can listen to them on the train or bus and they fit in with a busy life. - Carolyn

Your techniques are excellent and you use your words so well. When I am stressed I can always picture being sat on the settee with your words penetrating my mind. I particularly like the Inner Candle, Progressive Relaxation and Favourite Place. - Peter

I have been using Quick Calm for a few months now and have found that using the techniques as and when the moment presents itself has been extremely beneficial - such as 5 minutes waiting in the car before an appointment; on waking (the inner candle or the staircase); before sleep (progressive relaxation or favourite place). They all work and fit different situations, leaving me feeling calmer and ready to face the day. - Caroline